Silk Screen - Symmetry

There's something about symmetrical designs that really captivate me. For all their simplicity, I can stare at them endlessly, getting lost in their replicating patterns.

I spent my Winter break creating dozens of different symmetrical designs, chose my favorite ones, and turned them into silkscreen prints. The process of repeatedly printing symmetrical designs was very hypnotic.

Here are some details about this series of prints:

I used the fantastic iOS app iOrnament to create the symmetrical designs. I exported the images into Adobe Illustrator for further refinement. I then exported the files to my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine which I used to create vinyl stencils. I adhered these stencils to my silkscreen and printed multiple copies on heavy-weight cotton paper. Each design is a two-color print - black and red on white stock.

For a series of greeting cards, I cut the original prints into 4-inch squares and mounted them on black card stock. Finally, I used my Cameo to cut out custom card blanks, piercing them with a single element of the replicating pattern from each print. Each card measures approximately 5x7 inches, includes a 4-inch hand-screened symmetrical print and a matching piercing. The cards are made from 110 pound bright white paper and are perforated at the fold for easy framing.

I then cut the prints into 5-inch squares. Then, I used my Cameo to cut out a custom mat out of black card stock, piercing the mat with an enlarged version of the printed pattern. I mounted this mat approximately 1/4 inch above the print, creating a sense of depth and replication. Finally, I installed the entire assemblage into a plain black 8x10 frame .