Silk Screen - Mini Prints

After years of languishing in a corner of the basement, my silk screen equipment ended up being in much better condition than I had anticipated. It was great to get back to my old hobby.

Just testing things out, I made my first print as a small little gift tag. I was so pleased with how it came out, I tried another. And then another. Before long, I had a collection of 30 different small (approximately 1.75 x 1.625 inches) greeting cards. They could also be used as gift tags, or thank-you notes. Their small size is perfect - especially when you have very little to say, but want to send a special message nonetheless.

But just having all these little cards lying around wasn't quite satisfying enough. I needed to think of something to do with them all. So, I designed and printed an accompanying box in which all the cards fit nicely. It measures a handy two-inches cubed and features a five-color design of some of the same elements found on the cards.

For each of these miniature works of art, I hand-cut each stencil and pulled each color individually to layer the colors to create the final image. Because each card is printed separately, there may be slight variations from card to card.

Printed on heavy, lightly-textured, 140 lb. cotton paper, despite their small size, the cards have a very pleasant heft.