Other - Egg Drop Blast

This one took an entire weekend. I began by purchasing two dozen eggs, birthday candles, paint, drop cloths, and a syringe. Back at home, I emptied out the eggs, filled them with paint, and sealed them with wax. In the back yard, I set out drop cloths, a large board covered in white canvas, and a video camera behind glass. From a 2nd floor window, I suspended a second video camera. Once it was all set up, I flung the eggs out the window onto the canvas.

It was truly a cathartic experience. But surely it's not just the destruction that was so appealing. The purple, yellow, blue, and green splotches still contain bits of egg shell, providing a reminder of the piece's origins.

The unframed work is 32 x 40 inches and is mounted on 3/4 inch plywood.

Here is a video of the work being created: