Laser Cutting ~ Quarantoy

With its modular design, this electronic do-nothing machine offers billions of ways to while away the hours during the pandemic. Featuring dual transformers powered by household mains, the Quarantoy has sixteen separate "gadget boxes" including:
  • vintage phone bell
  • dip-switch array of LEDs
  • incandescent light under a bell jar
  • flasher
  • buzzer
  • tri-color LED
  • motor-powered vintage map measuring tool
  • rolling numbers counter
  • vintage volt meter
  • illuminated etched acrylic barber poll
Some of the gadget boxes are for display only. For example the light in the bell jar simply turns on or off. Others are more interactive. For example, you can bend the pitch of the buzzer or test your skin conductance with the volt meter.


Each gadget box can be controlled by one of sixteen different switches including various rockers, sliders and push buttons.

Measuring approximately 9.5 x 16 inches, the Quarantoy is suitable for table-top use or as a wall hanging. Guaranteed to be the star of your next get-together - whenever those are allowed once again...