Laser Cutting ~ Heavy Lights

Years ago, our friendly neighbor - Ken - allowed me and Cooper to come into his garage. The man who had previously owned the space had been an electrician and had kept shelf after shelf of vintage supplies and equipment. Nearing the end of his life, the old man hired an auction company to sell off what had been sitting dormant for years. The auction was a flop; very few people showed up and even fewer bid. I'm a bit unsure how we negotiated the deal, but Ken agreed to let me pay him some cash to come in afterwards and scavenge around. The old man was happy to get a little extra to soften his disappointment and Cooper and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to explore. For no other reason than I thought they were cool, I stashed a couple very heavy decorative post-toppers in the box that I lugged home. These weighty pieces then sat on my shelves for years. Until one day, for no apparent reason, this idea came to me: