Laser Cutting ~ Dendrites

The "Lichtenberg Technique" (not to be confused with the "Ludovico Method") is a process by which high voltage electricity is passed through electrolyte-soaked wood. It causes delicate dendrite-like patterns to be seared into the wood's surface. I experimented with different types of wood and found that highly dense pressed particle board produced the most detailed images. I created custom laser-cut acrylic frames and mounted the wood behind thick plexiglass. This provides an interesting feeling of depth. Finally, I topped the corner of each with a laser-cut scan of one of the dendrites. It is incredibly fine and detailed.

I then scanned my favorite burning and used my laser cutter to deeply etch the image onto a piece of acrylic sheet. I then filled the etching with a glow-in-the-dark resin. Finally, I created a particularly deep (2 inches) acrylic frame and mounted the sheet behind a fresnel lens. Depending on the viewing angle, the image shifts and distorts. This effect is enhanced even more when looking at the glowing image in the dark.

the box

close-up of the etching

glowing in the dark