Arduino - Vintage Lamp #2

My original intention was to create two nearly identical (except for color) vintage lamps. However, as I was working on the circuitry, I realized that one of the Bluetooth modules I had was not working. This ended up being a happy accident, because it forced me to think of alternate plans - given that I had been simultaneously creating the enclosure and was nearly finished with both. So, instead of this second lamp being controlled by a custom iPhone app like the first, I ended up using a 433Mhz transmitter/receiver to create my very own remote control. This technology is similar to garage door openers, in that it is wireless and does not require line-of-sight like TV remotes.

I recently came upon a very nice small plywood box (about 2x2x4 inches). I was bound and determined to cram all the circuitry for the remote inside. I was (barely) successful, having to add a latch to securely hold everything in. The remote has:
    - a slide-potentiometer to control the lamp's meter
    - a gear mounted on a radial potentiometer to control the lamp's LED blink speed
    - a toggle switch to turn on the lamp's main lights
    - and a push-button switch with a peso coin to ring the lamp's bell.

Of course, before installing the electronics, I also used the "Lichtenberg Technique" of passing 2000 volts of electricity across the surface of the box to create interesting dendritic burn patterns. I filled the crevices with glow-in-the-dark resin, and applied a dozen or so coats of polyurethane.

Except for the underlying circuitry, the lamp is very similar to my first one (but I do think that the green anodized aluminum I used for this one matches the glow-in-the-dark resin better). It stands about 7.5 inches tall, is about 6 inches deep, and about 12 inches long. I used a larger Edison Bulb on this one, and think it helps give a much more satisfying steam-punk appearance.

And for anyone who's geeky enough to care, I have provided the schematic and Arduino code for both the remote and the receiver:


Fritzing Schematic
Arduino Source Code

Fritzing Schematic
Arduino Source Code