Jewelry - Making a Pin

1. The most important part: coming up with a good idea!

2. Make a quick sketch of the idea.

3. Based on the sketch, make a pattern on the computer.

4. Use a paper cutter to cut the metal.

5. Temporarily stick the pattern on the metal.

6. Use a jeweler's saw, cut out the pattern.

7. Align the pin back and punch pilot holes.

8. Use a hand punch to make clean holes.

9. Use a disc cutter to punch a large hole.

10. Cut an aluminum tube to make small rivets.

11. Tape two pieces of metal together.

12. Punch pilot holes in the corners.

13. Drill corner holes.

14. Untape both pieces.

15. Use a scribe to insert the rivets.

16. Use a punch to smash the rivets and attach the pin back.

17. Tape two pieces of metal together and punch a pilot hole.

18. Drill a hole through both layers.

19. Use a mini wrench to attach small machine screws.

20. Wrap with wire.

21. Insert machine screws into corner holes.

22. Assemble both layers.

23. Clip off extra lengths of machine screws.

24. Smoothly grind down machine screws and nuts.

25. Give the pin a final filing and cleaning.